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Hunting Draw Odds, the Truth

Hunting Draw Odds If you are one of the many Western Hunters that applies to hunt several states each year, then you understand the importance of having the best hunting draw odds data at your disposal. To draw Western hunts, the Western Hunter needs more than the simple calculation of tags available divided by the […]

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Sig KILO 850 Rangefinder

Number 1: Sig KILO 850/1250 Rangefinders

Top Five Products at SHOT Show 2017 1. Sig KILO 850 and 1250 Rangefinders: Although these two new rangefinders were released in mid-2016, their impact on the market cannot be overlooked. Sig’s KILO 2000 capabilities are designed with the extreme long-range hunter in mind. Now, with the addition of the KILO 850 and KILO 1250, Sig […]

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Swarovski X5(i) Rifle Scope THE LONG-RANGE EXPERT

Number 2: Swarovski X5(i) Rifle Scope

Top Five Products at SHOT Show 2017 2. Swarovski X5(i) Rifle Scope: Backed by the Swarovski reputation and warranty, the X5i has all of the features required for the long range hunter. The spring retention system offers a wide range of adjustment, making it extreme long-range capable.  The top turret makes it easy to sight-in, set a […]

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Stealth Cam DS4K

Number 3: Stealth Cam DS4K

Top Five Products at SHOT Show 2017 3. Stealth Cam DS4K: This new trail-camera is capable of taking images at 30 megapixels; yes, you read that correctly, 30 megapixels! With an image that size, you can create a mural with your favorite image on your living room wall. Additionally, the DS4K records 4K video. Add that […]

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Danner Powderhorn Sets New Standard In Backcountry Performance

Number 4: Danner Powderhorn

Top Five Products at SHOT Show 2017 4. Danner Powderhorn: Available as a non-insulated, 400G and 1000G, this new boot covers the gamut of Western and Whitetail hunters. It’s stitchdown design is perfect for durability in rough, rugged terrain. The full-grain leather upper makes it a great fit for hunting in desert environments where everything sticks […]

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Leupold LTO Tracker

Number 5: Leupold LTO Tracker

Top Five Products at SHOT Show 2017 5. Leupold LTO Tracker: The LTO-Tracker is a small, hand-held thermal tracking device that detects heat out to 600-yards. Although it is designed for game recovery, it has many other uses. For example, while walking into your stand in the dark, you can scan for the heat registers […]

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