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Archery Coues Challenge, Accepted

Archery Coues Challenge

Archery Coues Challenge by Steven Satran Archery is never easy; it takes focus, patience, skill, and practice to succeed. Hunting is the same way; you need to have the motivation to get through limited sleep, hours of driving on roads that vary from wide open interstates to narrow two tracks pin-striping your truck as you […]

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Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Adventure

Mountain Lion Adventure by Bryan Campos Central Nevada offers an array of wildlife ranging from deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, bear, coyote, bobcats, and mountain lion. It’s rare to come across felines such as bobcats and mountain lions out in the wild. Most people will go their whole lifetime without seeing a cat in broad day […]

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Monster velvet Coues buck!

First Day Coues

First Day Coues by Conrad Sheley My hunt began in January 2016. I love chasing Coues deer during the rut and I’ve taken three Pope and Young bucks doing just that. This year was different; I wasn’t hunting alone, my wife, son, and father decided that they also wanted to archery hunt the January rut. […]

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