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The Western HunterThere are many hunting shows on Sportsman, Outdoor, and Pursuit channels these days. For those hunters that enjoy hunting the West, there is no better show than The Western Hunter. To start, the videography and video production is stellar. On top of that, Nate Simmons and Chris Denham do a great job capturing the adventure of Western hunting in a story-telling fashion.

The Western Hunter, where the hunt is more than just a kill – it’s adventure in big country that will leave a lasting memory for all who witness it. Join western hunter and Elk Hunter Magazine’s editors Nate Simmons, Ryan Hatfield, and Chris Denham as they pursue trophy big game across North America on grueling hunts that will leave viewers riveted. The outcomes of these hunts won’t be predetermined. They’ll be a test of will and conducted with excellence in methodology, knowledge and ability.

Below is an entire episode from Season V that The Western Hunter has made public in tribute to Dennis Simmons (Nate’s father), who recently passed. The show features a father and son late elk hunt in the high country of Arizona.

The Western Hunter | Father Time

“As a tribute to Dennis Simmons, we want everyone to be able to watch his last elk hunt with Nate.”

The Western Hunter | Season V

  • S5 | Sweet September
  • S5 | Sea Level
  • S5 | Unplanned
  • S5 | Boundary Lines + Blowout
  • S5 | Father Time
  • S5 | Southern Obsession
  • S5 | Back in the Boneyard
  • S5 | Crowded
  • S5 | Thunder Buck
  • S5 | The Pinnacle
  • S5 | Coveted + No Regrets

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