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Five Preseason Changes to Improve Accuracy

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Archery Tips – In his “Bowhunting the West” column, Patrick Meitin, offers bowhunters five archery tips to improve their accuracy this fall. Meitin discusses drop-away rests, bow torque, hunting arrows, archery sights, and more efficient release techniques. See Meitin’s archery tips for improved accuracy in the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine.

Perhaps you’re not satisfied with how your bow is shooting. Perhaps your equipment is outdated or fitted with accessories that haven’t been brought up to par in years. Whatever your reason for considering an equipment revamp, right now’s the time to implement those changes. Overhauling your overall setup right away provides plenty of time to become accustomed to and fine tune your improved setup, leaving you better prepared for the coming season. Here are five easy fixes to bring even “outdated” bows up to speed – and help you shoot better.

1. Install A Drop-Away Rest Drop-away arrow rests provide additional accuracy potential automatically; completely eliminating fletching contact, and making bows more forgiving.

2. Eliminate Torque Bow torque is archery’s number-one enemy—the perfect shot instantly set askew by twisting or heeling the bow during release.

3. Invest In Better Arrows Consider this: Money saved purchasing budget-priced arrows, verses the very best, amounts to no more than the two tanks of fuel you burned last weekend scouting and setting up stands (not to mention the cost of out-of-state licenses or leases).

4. Improve Sighting Efficiency If your sight doesn’t hold fiber-optic-backed pins you really need to come out of your cave and enjoy the modern world of sighting efficiency.

5. Change Release Style Or Technique Trigger punching is a highly-common shooting ailment that ultimately erodes bowhunting accuracy.

For the complete article, see the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine.

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