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BowTech Insanity

Gear Review: BowTech Insanity

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BowTech Insanity Review – Newest member of the Western Whitetail editorial team, Mitch Strobl, reviews the BowTech Insanity in the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine.

In 2012, BowTech Archery released the Insanity. First and foremost, the Insanity is extremely attractive, coming in multiple camouflage patterns or the popular black-ops finish. Aside from its good looks, the Insanity is well balanced with a superb-fitting, ergonomic grip. The sleek design is also a plus. Sporting dual cams, the Insanity has a smooth and consistent draw cycle and literally rockets arrows out of the bow. However, good looks and great feel usually aren’t enough to demand a new purchase. Further investigation of the Insanity’s new, built-in technologies revealed terrific bang for the buck.

Like most bows, the Insanity was a joy to hunt with. I didn’t encounter any troubles hunting from a ground blind, and practicing from a tree-stand the bow handled well, even at severe angles. It was in the tree-stand that the torque eliminating aspects really proved to be effective. Certain shots require hunters to twist in unusual ways, causing a slight variance in the grip or hold of the bow. Due to the riser design, cam system, and FLX guard, this error is compensated for and as a result the arrow hits home. This is quite possibly the Insanity’s best selling point, its forgiveness. It weighs just over 4-pounds, comes in 50 to 80-pound draw weights, 25.5-30 inch draw lengths, is quiet, smooth, blazing fast and beautiful. If one were to ask, “what else do you need in a bow?” I would be hard pressed to provide an answer. As an avid archer, I, and many others would have no reservations about carrying the Insanity to the woods this fall. Read the complete review in Western Whitetail magazine.

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