Brush Country Buffet

Brush Country Buffet

Brush Country BuffetHeartland Wildlife, the provider of the finest complete program for deer and wildlife management is catering to those hunters who are in search of that custom seed blend designed specifically for dry climates such as Texas and the Deep South, by offering them the Brush Country Buffet.

Brush Country Buffet is an annual seed mix that provides a natural mix of clovers, ryes, turnips, brassicas, and other nutritional attractants that deer crave.  This 20 lb bag plants ½ acre and is perfect for dry, arid climates.  Planted in the spring, this high energy blend proves irresistible to brush country bucks.  Feed your Addiction and your herd with Brush Country Buffet.

MSRP:  $39.95

About Heartland Wildlife

Heartland Wildlife, a longtime leader in providing quality products to the wildlife industry, is committed to providing the finest, complete program of deer and wildlife management, as well as mineral and food plot supplementation, in order to improve overall quality and health of the deer and wildlife on your land. To find out more on BRUSH COUNTRY BUFFET and our complete offerings visit us at:

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