Carmen Mountain Deer

Hunt Carmen Mountain Whitetail

Backcountry Hunts: Carmen Mountain Deer, WhitetailIf you are looking for the unique Western Whitetail, the Carmen Mountain Deer look no further. Check out our latest Featured Outfitter, Backcountry Hunts in Texas.

For the hunter looking for a unique Whitetail hunt, the Del Carmen Whitetail (Carmen Mountain Whitetail) is probably the least known of any of the Whitetail sub-species. Found only along the mountains of the Rio Grande River in west Texas, these diminutive deer offer the hunter a challenging hunt. This hunt can be compared to hunting Coues Deer in the Sonora desert. Plan on doing lots of glassing from high vantage points, working toward a spot-and-stalk style of hunting.

These deer are very small in size, ranging from 34 to 36 inches high at the shoulder, making them very hard to spot. The use of spotting scopes is a must, along with good binoculars. Many times these deer are found feeding at over 2,000 yards. Most deer taken will be at least 3 ½ years old, having 8 or more points. It is not uncommon to take deer having 10 or more points.

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