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Coues Tips – The Coues whitetail is one of the most unique sub-species of White-tailed deer. The Coues thrives in the arid Southwest, including northern Mexico, and the states of Arizona and New Mexico. The hearty, little deer inhabits desert mountain ranges known as “desert islands.” Surrounded by a “sea” of desert, Coues whitetail habitat ranges in elevation from 3,000 to over 9,000 feet, across the most rugged terrain. In the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine, Editor, Darren Choate, offers hunters his 10 tips to prepare and hunt Coues deer this fall and beyond.

1) Know Your Quarry

The Coues White-tailed deer is distinctly smaller than most of its whitetail cousins, and resides in only a small percentage of North America. The range of the Coues whitetail is limited to regions of Arizona and New Mexico; and a few states in northern Mexico. Across their range, the Coues whitetail thrives in a wide variety of habitats from the desert floor to mixed-conifer forests. The majority, however, are found at elevations ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 feet on what biologist describe as “desert islands.” “Desert islands” are mountain ranges that rise up from the desert floor, isolating the deer and its habitat by a desert sea.

Recognized as a separate trophy category by record-keeping organizations such as Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, and Safari Club International, the Coues whitetail is a highly sought after trophy by many deer hunters each year.

10) Have Fun!

Remember, any day hunting is better than a day spent at work. Don’t get down, be persistent and positive, and make yourself have fun. For tips 2-9, see the complete article in the pages of Western Whitetail magazine.


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