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Danner Pronghorn - Gear Review - Hunting Boots - Danner Boots

Danner Pronghorn - Danner Fort Lewis - Hunting BootsDanner Pronghorn – I was first introduced to Danner boots while enlisted in the US Air Force, where I was issued a pair of Fort Lewis boots at my first duty station. When I put them on for the first time, I could not believe how lightweight they were. As I continued to wear the boots to work, I found out that they were unbelievably comfortable too. I wore those boots for my entire four-year tour, and continued wearing them on hunts after my separation from the USAF. Impressed with their comfort and durability, I continued to use Danner boots. I purchased my first set of Danner Pronghorns when they first came out in the mid-90s, and again was impressed. Last year, I put the newest Danner Pronghorn to the test during the 2011-2012 hunting season.

I received my Pronghorn boots a day before the early archery season began in Arizona. Knowing how comfortable the Danner’s are, I laced them up on opening day, without any hesitation about wearing an unbroken-in pair of boots; I was not disappointed either. After the long walk to my treestand, I was blister free, and in that one wearing, the boots were broken-in, fitted to my feet perfectly!

Those same boots carried me for several scouting trips, a handful of hunts that I guided and on hunts for myself or with my boys. When spring rolled around, I probably put another 100 miles on them scouring the countryside for shed antlers from elk, mule deer, and Coues whitetail. In fact, even after a long, hard season, they are ready for next year’s hunting season as well.

What I like best about the Danner Pronghorn

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable (like slippers)
  • Durable
  • Ankle support
  • Versatile

Danner Pronghorn - Gear Review - Hunting Boots - Danner Boots

From Danner

“The Danner Pronghorn® series has been a favorite of hunters for years. We’ve introduced some key changes while keeping most elements of the classic design. The new Tech-Tuff toe and heel protect the leather and your feet from sharp rocks and other hazards on or off the trail. An improved lacing system and more aggressive outsole were engineered to keep you secure and agile over long distances.” For more information on Danner Pronghorn boots visit, http://www.danner.com/boots/pronghorn/.

Darren Choate

Darren Choate is the founder of Western Whitetail. Prior to his writing career, he completed a four-year tour in the USAF. He has been hunting and guiding other hunters in the West for over 30 years. Choate is a voting member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), and his articles have been featured in magazines such as Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Quality Whitetails and Rocky Mountain Game & Fish. Additionally, Choate is the Editor of Whitetail Journal, Bowhunting World and Archery Business for Grand View Outdoors.