Music From An Outdoorsman’s Perspective, Dave Brinker

by Darren Choate, Editor In Chief

While traveling for “Show Season,” I spent a few evenings out with friends at one event or another. On one such night, I ended up with an opportunity to hear a new, up-and-comer to the country music industry, Dave Brinker. During the gig, Dave played his new single, “Country Road,” with a little backup from the Swon Brothers.

Immediately, the song grew on me. That evening, I downloaded “Country Road” to my playlist, and on a few occasions the song played while I was on a morning run. After taking in the lyrics a few times, I was intrigued to know more. Thankfully, I ran into Dave again during my travels, and was able to set up a short interview to ask him a few questions about his single.

Here is our conversation…



“It is a result of over a decade of writing and I believe has something for everyone.
Its real and its me.” -Dave Brinker

DC: What is your musical background; band, private lessons, etc.?

DB: I didn’t grow up in a musical family. My best friend had a room full of guitars and every time I was over there I would pick them up and learn another chord or riff (mostly eighties rock 🙂 ).  Then I started singing to the chords I was learning and fell in love with it. Then I would pay along with CMT and try to learn every song on the radio. By the time I got to college I was getting into learning how to write my own tunes and music theory. I ended up minoring in music because my business major was a little boring to me.

DC: What are the songs/artists that come to mind when you think of your earliest exposure to music?

DB: I grew up listening to a variety of music from the Eagles, to Garth Brooks, to Willie Nelson. I was always drawn to songwriters. When I listen to a record I want to feel like a know the person when I’m done. That’s the type of music I relate too and try to write.

DC:  In your single, “Country Road,” you mention Chris LeDoux; is he one of your favorites or did the name just fit in the lyrical progression?

DB: Chris is one of my idols musically. Oddly enough it’s not only because I like his music. My fascination with him is more about how he built his career on being himself and living where he wanted to live. He was as authentic as they came. He just wrote about what he knew, which was rodeo and the west. One of the best pieces of songwriting advice I ever got was “write what you know.” Chris is the perfect example of that and will always be an icon in my book.

DC: What was your inspiration for “Country Road?”

DB: At the most simple level it is me saying “country is country wide.” We often hear songs about the South because that is where most the musicians on the radio are from. That’s totally fine, I love the south, but there is a whole other part of the world that loves country music too that I felt needed to be represented. It’s another example of me writing what I know I guess. I can’t really authentically describe life anywhere else, but where I live and breath everyday out west.

DC: What is a song that defines you (mine is Good Old Boys Like Me by Don Williams)?

DB: Hmm. Tough one…my favorite song of all time is “Desperado” by The Eagles. Not sure if that answers the question (laughing).

DC: What can you tell us about any new music you have coming out soon?

DB: My record Made Out West will come out April 20. I have released two songs off it “Country Road” and “Lovin You,” which are available everywhere you listen to music. Zach Swon from the Swon Brothers was nice enough to take me under his wing and produce this record in Nashville. It is a result of over a decade of writing and I believe has something for everyone. Its real and its me.

DC: What hunting plans do you have for 2018?

DB: I just returned from Coues Deer hunting in AZ and I’m headed to Hawaii in March for Axis Deer/Mouflan. Pending draws of course, but right now I’ll hunt Montana for everything, Oregon for elk, and BC for Moose. I’ll probably add something along the way as always 🙂 .


If you would like to give “Country Road” by Dave Brinker a listen, please download it using one of the links below. Enjoy!



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Darren Choate

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