Easyhunt – the new app that puts hunting maps on your mobile phone.


Easyhunt.com introduces a new service for smart phones, a functional app for hunters that makes life easier before, during and after the hunt. You can invite hunter friends to the hunt, create hunting maps online and use them on your mobile phone and even plan the season’s hunts on a calendar. Easyhunt, founded in Sweden in 2009, is now also available in English.

Easyhunt is an online service that also includes an app that helps hunters organize a hunt, no matter if you’re a solo hunter or part of a team.  Easyhunt.com lets hunters create maps, plan hunts, send invitations, gather statistics over harvested game, upload pictures and documents and communicate via a forum. The password-based security limits the information and maps only to those who are invited.

Before the hunt
Use the online calendar to plan the season’s hunts. Invite other hunters via e-mail or sms and keep track of who is attending a particular hunt. The service also allows you to create maps of the hunting grounds and set stands, symbols and borders. The maps can then uploaded to a mobile phone and seen on the app, printed out or ordered in the tough, weatherproof material Tyvek.

During the hunt
Everyone on a hunting team can download Easyhunt for Android or iPhone free of charge and use the hunting maps to their own and other hunters’ positions in real time. This makes navigation a lot easier and seeing where everyone is in real time also increases safety.

After the hunt
Use the hunting report function to create statistics over spotted and harvested game. The service also offers a photo album, document archive, forum and other useful tools that make hunting easier.


The service is located at: easyhunt.com (Demo account: easyhunt, Password demo9876)

About Easyhunt
Easyhunt was launched in Sweden in 2009 and has today over 48 000 members in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Easyhunt is completely free. The Easyhunt+ subscription for only € 22 per year for a group of 10 hunters or € 33 per year for unlimited members also includes the map services. For more information please visit easyhunt.com.

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