The Family Hunt

The Family Hunt

by Rhonda Turk

Family Hunt: Turk RanchWe run a little Mom and Pop hunting operation in semi-arid terrain. Most of the “ranchers” in our area have tried to capitalize on the income from hunting to compensate for the loss of other forms of financial stability. Our program has developed on slightly different lines than some of the others because we have such a strong interest in strengthening families.

Building on that thought, we have structured our charges to encourage a parent to bring the whole family when they come to hunt. At first, there were only a few people who were actively looking for a family hunt. Now most of our hunters bring their entire family.

It is such a pleasure to watch young boys and girls experience the ups and downs of hunting with a parent who is really enjoying sharing the time with them. One young huntress came with her dad and her twin brother one year. She was so timid that she could hardly speak to us. Her dad thought he was protecting her from the influence of perhaps unsavory characters and took his children 45 miles into town to stay in a motel instead of sharing the hunting cabin with other families. By the end of their stay, that dad had it figured out…the other families that were hunting here were a lot like his. The next year, he brought a camper and stayed in it with his entire family of six.

We got to watch that little gal grow into a confident young woman as she progressed in her hunting. She got to the point that her twin brother was struggling to keep up with her superb hunting skills. She was so proud that she could bring in more game than her twin. I think her brother was proud of her too…but of course, he was also a bit jealous!

Time spent with our children is priceless. Watching young parents grow with their children during these hunting trips is enriching for us too! Going hunting together and growing together is a precious opportunity for a mom and a dad. I hope you will find time to share your love of nature and love of the hunt with your family. And I hope your children will invite you along when they begin to bring their young families out to hunt.

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