75-Quart Canyon Cooler
A good hunting cooler is tasked with more than just keeping up with the bumps and bruises of your excursion while keeping beverages that fuel your hunt ice cold.  While those responsibilities are important, your ice chest is also challenged with an extremely critical job: maintaining the integrity of your harvested trophy.  Hunters can trust that the 75-quart Outfitter from Canyon Coolers® will shine through on all counts as the perfect premium cooler for the job, keeping its contents ice-cold for weeks, not just days.  Best part – it won’t break the bank, leaving more funds for deer tags and ice-cold beer to throw in it.

Engineered for performance from the inside out, the Canyon Coolers Outfitter 75 features more than two inches of wall thickness constructed of high-density premium polyurethane (injected under pressure) within all wall cavities and the lid.  In addition to its incredibly thick walls, a solid neoprene gasket rims the lid, effectively sealing cold air in and keeping warm air and moisture out.  This all contributes to the cooler’s impressive ice retention time which lasts up to 16 days depending on conditions.

To further ensure this cooler can stand up to whatever the toughest hunter can dish out, Canyon Coolers designers constructed it with super tough polyethylene RotoMolded plastic with an integrated bullet-proof hinge.  An incorporated cable lock system will also keep contents safely secured when away from camp.

Other standout features that make this cooler extremely hunter-friendly start with its unique outside dimensions that make transport in and out of hunting camp simple.  The Outfitter 75 boasts very square corners for easy packing in truck beds or 4x4s while handy skid plates make sliding in and out of the truck or trailer a snap.  And not to worry if your 75-quart Outfitter is packed tight in the truck, the cooler’s sturdy 100% recessed hinges and latches won’t break or get in the way during transport.  Molded handgrips and thick rope handles make easy work of moving and maneuvering the cooler season after season.  Plus, the drain plug is tethered, which will keep it from getting lost.

Need to bring more than one cooler?  No problem.  Its little brother, the Outfitter 22 nests right inside the Outfitter 75, saving space when traveling to and from hunting camp.

Like all Canyon Coolers, the Outfitter 75 ice chest is true to size, meaning unlike competitors the cooler actually holds the advertised 75 quarts of contents (that’s 55 cans plus ice).  It weighs 30 pounds and can also double as a great seat around the fire (when used with an available Canyon Coolers seat cushion).

The Canyon Cooler Outfitter 75 is available in sandstone and white.  Canyon Coolers is so confident in the performance of its coolers, each one is backed by a four-year warranty.

To learn more about Canyon Coolers’ full-line of premium, ridiculously cold and seriously tough coolers, contact Canyon Coolers at 555 S. Blackbird Roost, Suite 10, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.  Telephone: 866-558-3267,

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