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Hunting Fitness

Getting Fit for Western Whitetail

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Hunting Fitness – Physical conditioning is is critical for every hunt in the West, especially when chasing Western Whitetails. Whitetail deer inhabit high elevations throughout their range, and are often found in steep and rugged terrain in several states. A successful hunt begins with being in good shape prior to the hunt. In the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine, Scott Haugen gives hunters a few ideas to jump-start their hunting fitness.

One of the biggest challenges hunters face out West is being in shape. To me it’s amazing how many camps I’ve been to throughout the West where tags go unfilled for the simple reason hunters aren’t in good enough physical or mental shape.

Not all whitetail hunts out West take place on private farmlands or amid gentle river valleys. Some hunts find you at over 7,000 feet in elevation, rivaling the challenges incurred on some wilderness elk hunts. If you’re not prepared for such hunts, you’re in risk of not only going home with a tag in your pocket, but of experiencing serious health issues.

As a full-time outdoor writer and TV host, I work out regularly, year-round to stay in shape for all my hunts. My dedication to working out and the benefits from it were realized back in my high school and college football days, and have remained an important part of my life.

Even today, at 48, I still dedicate six days a week to working out, sometimes twice a day. I also eat a balanced diet, for that plays a crucial role in keeping my body in good condition.

Over the past two years I experimented with two different workout approaches, and want to share what I learned…Read the entire article in the summer issue of Western Whitetail Magazine.

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