Idaho Deer Double

Double Up on Idaho Bucks.

Idaho Deer Double – Author Scott Haugen recently traveled to Idaho to bag a whitetail buck, he bagged two!

Idaho Deer Double - Western Whitetail MagazineHis main beams extended to the tip of his nose. His back tines would project a good 14 inches into the sky. The massive 10-point rack was impressive, and just the quick glimpse we caught of him chasing does through thick brush revealed that he had at least 160 inches of antler. But the look was so quick; there was no time to even prepare for a shot.


Sleep came tough that night, for though I knew there were big bucks in the area, I didn’t think they were that big. Mind you, 160-inch class bucks weren’t behind every tree, but I did see 135 class bucks every day. However, it was the big buck I’d just seen that I had my sights set on for this trip.


The next morning we were back in position, in the rugged hills near Peck, Idaho, overlooking a deep canyon bordering the bench where we’d seen the buck on the prior night. No sign of him. My buddy, Jake, and I decided to move back up on top of the bench, and though we saw some good bucks, including a 150 class, heavy 9 point, he was not the big boy we wanted.


The big buck failed to show himself that afternoon as well, and I questioned whether the does were hot enough to keep him around. “He’s here, no doubt,” encouraged Jake. “We’ll just keep hitting this area and hopefully bump into him.”


The following morning we were above the rose hip bushes, overlooking two knolls and a funnel that cut between them. It was through this funnel that the buck routinely moved. The first deer to appear was a buck, but in the low light it was difficult to confirm if he was our target buck.

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