Managing Hunting Pressure for Great Trophy Buck Success

Managing Hunting PressureThe ability to grow and hold mature, trophy whitetail bucks is an art form perfected by the guides and managers at Hadley Creek, the top free-range outfitter for huge bucks. Trail-camera photos attest to the number of once-in-a-lifetime bucks on the various Hadley Creek tracts of land in Pike County, Illinois-known as the best county in North America for trophy whitetail bucks.

It’s the harvest photos, however, to which hunters should pay particular attention when choosing a free-range outfitter. Hadley Creek is the best free-range trophy whitetail outfitter because they are committed to clients killing mature bucks. It’s an obtainable goal largely due to how Hadley Creek manages the hunting pressure on their deer.

Too much hunting pressure will make older-aged, trophy whitetail bucks almost impossible to kill. At Hadley Creek Outfitters, the success of their farming operation and real estate partnerships allows investment and expansion. Hadley Creek continues to add quality hunting grounds. The goal isn’t simply to get bigger, but bigger is definitely better because it gives Hadley Creek the acreage necessary to keep hunting pressure low and hunter success high.

To protect younger bucks and minimize hunting pressure, Hadley Creek Outfitters enforces a 140-inch minimum on guided hunts, allowing improvement of the herd’s age structure and general trophy quality each season. Hadley Creek Outfitters also regulates hunting pressure by eliminating competition between clients and guides. Instead of being permitted to hunt during off time, Hadley Creek guides are not allowed to hunt on the property. Instead, they receive a commission bonus for every buck their client kills that meets minimum harvest qualifications.

Hunters at Hadley Creek Outfitters can explore and hunt on different grounds each day, unless they wish to return to previously visited plot or stand. Due to the skillfully managed food supply and hunting pressure regulations, Hadley Creek Outfitters has been able to increase its deer herd’s overall quality each year, with visible improvements on display in its trophy rooms and photo galleries. The resident herd currently produces 15 to 20 whitetails per season grossing 170 inches or more.

1752For more information on Illinois whitetail hunts with Hadley Creek Outfitters, please visit their website visit at or call 217.335.3804.

If you’re a serious whitetail hunter, Pike and Adams Counties will probably be familiar to you as one of the best places in North America to hunt big whitetails. The record books and deer experts will confirm that we have the key ingredients for consistently producing trophy bucks. If you’re looking for the premiere “big buck” area, and an outfitter who understands trophy whitetail hunting, I think you’ll find you’ve come to the right place.

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