Millennium Treestands Lock-on Preview

Millennium M25

Millennium Treestands Lock-on Preview: M25, M50, M100, and M150: M25

With bow season right around the corner, you’re probably already scouting out the perfect spot to hang your stand. With that in mind, the question becomes, “What type of lock-on you will use for the upcoming season?”

You have a number of great choices from Millennium Treestands, such as the M25, M50, M100 and M150. Each stand was designed to meet your every need while afield.

Consider the lightweight M25 HangOn Stand for example. The M25 provides the hunter a deadly combination of comfort and roominess, offering remarkable maneuverability in any direction, while remaining rock solid under foot. This is the ideal stand for a quick ambush in tight cover or for packing into unknown terrain.

Millennium M50

Millennium Treestands Lock-on Preview: M25, M50, M100, and M150: M50

Keeping with the same lightweight concept as the M25, the M50 HangOn is also quiet and easy to use. A convenient self-leveling seat and platform makes for an ideal hunting setup from the M50. In addition, the M50 also accepts the CamLock Receiver system, affording you the opportunity to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging.

The M100 Lock-On has been designed for serious hunters. Much like the M50, the M100’s simple, yet effective design utilizes the special cam-lock receiver that is secured to a tree along with a one-piece folding stand that easily slips into the receiver before the hunt. To put it simply, the M100 is the ultimate platform for chasing down mature whitetails.

Millennium M100

Millennium Treestands Lock-on Preview: M25, M50, M100, and M150: M100

Last but certainly not least; Millennium’s new M150 Monster has been designed with everything you could want and more. The M150 is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for the mobile hunter who appreciates his space. Similar to the M100, the M150 Monster features V-Brace Technology, which minimizes weight without compromising strength and stability. However, unlike its predecessor, the M150 Monster is designed with an adjustable seat height of 17″ – 20″ and 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The M150 Monster boasts a capacity of 300 lbs., weighs 19.5 lbs. and has a large and roomy platform measuring 37″ x 24″.

Millennium M150

Millennium Treestands Lock-on Preview: M25, M50, M100, and M150: M150

Now that you have had a preview of all of Millennium’s lock-on stands, all you have to decide is which one is the perfect stand for you this bow season.

For more information or to watch instructional videos on the M25, M50, M100 or M150, visit Millennium Treestands online at,

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