You’re invited to our latest exciting event at Mill Creek Shooting Resort

When: July 8 and 9
Where: Saguache, Colorado

Shoot cool in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. BULLETS BBQ AND A HUGE PARTY is how our match will go down.


Mountain Money Match

The Match

Our goal when we decided to hold this shoot was to have a great rifle match for big money sure, but we also had another goal in mind, TO HAVE A PARTY IN THE MOUNTAINS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Join us won’t you?

  • 12 Stages
  • Two shooters per team/50 Teams
  • Entry fee $250 per person (lunch and dinner 7/8 and lunch 7/9 included)
  • 50% of all entry fees paid in cash prizes to top 15 teams
  • Two Ballista Titanium Suppressors for the #1 Team
  • Bolt Action Rifle (any caliber but velocity not to exceed 3200 fps)
  • Handguns and ammunition provided for certain stages
  • Ranges from 200 to 1760 yds
  • Practical field match (no tricked up positioning)
  • Open Range on 7/7 – Friday afternoon w/100 yard target

Presented by John Monych/Partner MCSR/PRS Member, Troy Owens/Managing Partner MCSR/PRS Member, Brent Jacob/Partner MCSR/PRS Member/Owner of Western Precision Rifles, and Ladd Hall/Match Director/Lead Instructor MCSR/PRS Member

The Party

  • Live DJ
  • Full bar
  • Homemade grub
  • Campfire under the Colorado stars
  • Raffle for GOOD prizes
  • More fun than we can describe


Deer Gear

Deer Gear: All the GEAR needed for DEER and big game hunting.