Introducing Muzzy’s New CrossKill™ Broadheads

Ultra-Compact Broadheads Specifically Designed for Crossbows

Muzzy - Muzzy Broadheads - Muzzy CrossKillMuzzy CrossKill Broadheads – If you’re searching for an accurate, dependable and deadly crossbow broadhead, then settle your crosshairs on the new CrossKill™ Broadheads by Muzzy.

Thanks to a 1 3/16″ cutting diameter, these ultra-compact, stainless-steel ferrule 3-blade broadheads give the hunter field-point accuracy with fixed-blade reliability.

Available in 125-grain and 150-grain, the newest members of the Bone Bustin’ lineup from Muzzy are designed specifically for crossbows and offer field point flight, even at speeds over 400 F.P.S. The ultra-compact design reduces exposed blade surface while still sporting a 1 3/16″ cutting diameter. Knowing that dependability and unwavering efficiency matter most, Muzzy has stepped up to the plate adding the CrossKill™ to its #1 selling line of broadheads.

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