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Although harvesting game is the goal of all hunters, maintaining the integrity of the meat once the animal is cleaned is equally as important. This is no small matter when hunting from remote camps, where there is no electricity or access to ice. This is precisely the scenario Canyon Coolers® considered when designing its new 125 Outfitter.  When packed properly, ice – and the game it keeps fresh – can last weeks.

How did Canyon Coolers create the perfect product for hunters? First, they considered the outside dimensions for transport and use in hunting camp. The 125 Outfitter has been optimized for truck beds and 4×4 use with its very square corners for easy packing, convenient skid plates for sliding in and out of truck beds and trailers, 100% recessed hinges and latches, as well as a cable lock system that will keep contents safe while on the hunt.

As for its ability to hold ice for a ridiculously long time, the 125 Outfitter’s 2 3/4 inches of wall thickness includes premium polyurethane (injected under pressure) within all wall cavities and the lid. Ice retention time is listed from nine days, up to 20 days depending on conditions.

The 125 Outfitter is built to last. The cooler is made of super tough polyethylene plastic. A marine-grade stainless steel hinge pin eliminates worries of hinge failure. A solid neoprene gasket rims the lid, which not only adds to ice retention, but also is incredibly durable. The skid plates and thick rope handles are built for a lifetime of moving and maneuvering this cooler. Plus, the drain plug is tethered, which will keep it from getting lost.

Exactly how many deer can you pack in the 125 Outfitter? It holds 126.8 quarts. That equates – roughly – to three deer (quartered) and four bags of ice, plus a 12-pack of your favorite beverage to celebrate a successful hunt. In fact, you could fit up to 100 cans in the 125 Outfitter while still ensuring maximum ice retention.  And if you forget to clean out the 125 Outfitter after a successful outing: No problem! The inner and outer shells are non-staining and non odor absorbing material.

Perhaps one of the coolest things you can pack inside the 125 Outfitter is the Canyon Coolers 50-quart model. This will save significant space when transporting multiple coolers to and from hunting camp.

The 125 Outfitter is available in sandstone and white, and weighs in just under 43 pounds. Canyon Coolers is so confident in the performance of its coolers, each one is backed by a four-year warranty.

To learn more about Canyon Coolers’ full-line of premium, ridiculously cold and seriously tough coolers, contact Canyon Coolers at 555 S. Blackbird Roost, Suite 10, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

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