Smart Design and Impressive Ice Retention Make This Premium Cooler a Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Canyon Cooler Outfitter 35If you’re going to buy one size cooler to fit the majority of your needs, the new Canyon Coolers® Outfitter 35 is THE one. Want to keep a bottle of wine or 2-liter soft drink chilled and upright? It fits in this cooler. (Other premium coolers can’t say this.) Heading for an adventure weekend of rafting or to the beach for some fun in the sun, and don’t want to lug 50 pounds of cooler for 10 pounds of drinks? The Canyon Coolers Outfitter 35 weighs only 22 pounds and with a 28% thicker body than the competition, it will keep ice not just for the day — but for weeks. And the features don’t stop there.

The Canyon Coolers Outfitter 35 quart is true to size, which means it really holds 35 quarts, which also doesn’t happen with the advertised holding capacities of other premium cooler brands. Plus, this cooler is built brutally strong. The premium polyethylene shell is filled with high-density foam. An aluminum hinge pin runs the length of the lid, ensuring that the lid and cooler body will remain inseparable for the life of the product. To maintain the advertised ice retention of nine to 20 days, Canyon Coolers designed its 35 quart Outfitter with beastly thick walls (3” lids with 2” floors) as well as a Silicon seal, so not a breath of chilled air can escape. Thick rope handles (think anchor line for the Titanic) will hold not only what you can put in the cooler, but also whatever you’d like to stack on top of it for transport.

Speaking of transport, the external design of the Outfitter 35 was carefully crafted to maximize a user’s space when carrying the cooler from home to end location. Its corners are squared to make packing around the cooler simple. Its closing latches are recessed to keep them from snagging other gear. Tie down areas are built in for kayaks, ATVs and more while non-skid, rubberized feet make sure the cooler will not slide in boats or truck beds.

The Canyon Coolers Outfitter 35 comes in a very attractive sandstone finish, and will not stain or absorb odor. Plus, if you want to keep your favorite beverages protected from animals and party animals alike, a built-in cable lock system keeps all contents secure. On top of all these features, Canyon Coolers also offers a four-year warrantee.
To learn more about Canyon Coolers’ full-line of premium, ridiculously cold and seriously tough coolers, contact Canyon Coolers at 555 S. Blackbird Roost, Suite 6, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Telephone: 866-558-3267,

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