Oklahoma Deer

Oklahoma Deer

The October Lull?

Oklahoma Deer - Whitetail Deer Rut - Deer Rut - October Lull?

Oklahoma Deer – Is there a lull in spotting big bucks in October, prior to the start of the whitetail deer rut? Patrick Meitin addresses the topic in the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine. While hunting western Oklahoma for whitetail deer, Meitin takes a respectable buck, and learns a few things along the way.

My top limb won’t clear an overhead limb, so I’m forced to duck beneath and lean far right, creating a highly uncomfortable position seldom rehearsed during backyard shooting sessions. The buck is quartering heavily, clearly edgy. The narrow window of opportunity means I must be absolutely right on the money. My shooting form is shaky at best considering my current contortions, the bright triangle aiming point making small figure eights on my chosen spot. But then I must have fallen into autopilot, pulling the BowTech Invasion into the draw stops, wrapping my thumb around the T-handle trigger barrel, pulling shoulders together, the release occurring in true surprise fashion. The arrow, a Carbon Express Maxima 3D tipped with a Rage Titanium traveling more than 300 fps, sinks home. It all happens instantly, so when attempting to recall details I find there’s nothing coherent available. Is it good enough?

I expend my nervous energy while waiting by sending another Rage through an eating-fat doe half an hour later, this one not making it out of sight. I inspect the doe, and then it’s time. I expect the worst but the trail proves plain enough, and there, well inside the section of shaded elms and dog-hair oaks, I find him stiff dead. He’s an absolute beauty and he’s all mine, something to remember a fine week spent with good friends—something changing my views about October’s lull.

Read the complete Oklahoma deer article in the pages of the summer issue of Western Whitetail magazine.

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