Prepare Now for Fall Success by Darren Choate

Prepare Now for Fall Success by Darren ChoatePrepare Now for Fall Success – Get the most from your mind and body to prepare for the upcoming deer season.

Mid-day found me catching a siesta under the shade of a Palo Verde tree, contemplating a strategy for the afternoon hunt. I was several miles into the wilderness and had climbed over 1,000 vertical feet in elevation to get into the heart of some prime Coues habitat. Although this was just the second day of the hunt, I had already made the same trip three times, and would have to make at least one more trip to get back to camp, regardless of the outcome of the afternoon hunt. Later that afternoon, I was lucky enough to come across a lone Coues buck taking solace in the remote, rugged wilderness I had ventured into. Without the buck knowing of my presence, I made the near 300-yard shot to take this heavy-horned Coues buck. Ultimately, all of my hard work had paid off, and I had some venison for the freezer and a new trophy for the wall!

As you might imagine, I put a lot of effort into this hunt. As well as preparing physically, I honed my shooting skills, and took advantage of every scouting opportunity that I could. Take my word for it; the reward was well worth the effort. If you are interested in a do-it-yourself hunt for Western Whitetail and you are willing to put in a little effort, the following tips will get you headed in the right direction.

Western Whitetail hunting is challenging, both physically and emotionally. Before you step into the woods this fall, make sure you have prepared yourself for the challenges. Remember, preparation is the key to success.

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Prepare Now for Fall Success

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