Steady Form Receives Endorsement from Legendary Bowhunter, MR James

M.R. James - Founder of Bowhunter Magazine and Archery Hall of Fame inductee.Flemington, NJ  (October 17, 2014) – STEADY FORM, LLC receives endorsement from legendary bowhunter and archery hall of fame inductee MR James.

 Every serious bowhunter knows the importance of consistent and accurate shooting at the moment of truth.  One handy product that will help is the bow mounted Steady Form system which eliminates hand torque and improves arrow placement.  Check it out for yourself. – M.R. James, Founder of Bowhunter Magazine and Archery Hall of Fame inductee

steadyformSteady Form is an essential tool for any archer. For the beginning archer it helps to learn proper form and eliminate string slap. For the hunter, Steady Form increases down range accuracy and confidence.  In the ground blind or treestand, Steady Form helps the hunter stay consistent with their form while having awkward shots through windows of the blind or sever downward angles. There is no other product that improves accuracy, consistency, confidence, creates another anchor point, prevents string slap and eliminates torque.

Steady Form comes in a youth model, the Original, and now the new ProSeries with multiple color and camo options.

Guaranteed to increase accuracy and confidence or your money back.

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