Steady Form Receives Endorsement from World Class Archery Coach

Archery CoachFlemington, NJ  (October 3, 2014) – STEADY FORM, LLC receives endorsement from world class archery coach, M.J. Rogers

M.J. Rogers- Archery Coach

US Archery Level 4 Coach

National Field Archery Master Coach

Coach USA Paralympic Team

Team Coach Mount Marty College, Yankton SD

Instructor Mount Marty College Outdoor Recreation Program

Instructor for International Coach Symposium IFAA

Canadian Archer, Personal Coach 2004 Olympic Games

Resident Athlete program administrator, Chula Vista USOC

Coach  World Field Championships 2012, 2010, 2004, 2000, 1998

NFAA Professional Division Chairman 1989-2005

I believe the Steady Form is first-rate device for archers learning proper hand/bow position.  What most archers don’t realize, spending way too much time fretting about the release side, is that the bow hand and bow arm are the last influence on arrow flight.  A proper, consistent, relaxed hand position on the bow is critical to the results of the arrow.  Archers should spend less time in front of a target face and more in developing the correct hand and grip position.   If you look at many other sports baseball, golf, and tennis, each speaks “Lessen tension in the grip” because you can replicate a relaxed hand and arm for extended period but muscles fatigue and thus will be set differently from shot to shot.

The Steady Form forces you to maintain proper bow arm form throughout the shot.  Whether you are on the range, in a blind or a treestand the Steady Form is a ground breaking accessory for the archery industry.

I am currently using the Steady Form for training purposes with the US Paralympic archers, teaching proper bow arm and hand position, which increases accuracy.

Although the Steady Form is not legal for competitive shooting, because it is considered an unfair advantage to have an extra contact point, what hunter would not want to have every advantage when pursuing big game?- M.J. Rogers

Steady FormSteady Form is an essential tool for any archer. For the beginning archer it helps to learn proper form and eliminate string slap. For the hunter, Steady Form increases down range accuracy and confidence.  In the ground blind or treestand, Steady Form helps the hunter stay consistent with their form while having awkward shots through windows of the blind or sever downward angles. There is no other product that improves accuracy, consistency, confidence, creates another anchor point, prevents string slap and eliminates torque.

Steady Form comes in a youth model, the Original, and now the new ProSeries with multiple color and camo options.

Guaranteed to increase accuracy and confidence or your money back.

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