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Western Whitetail Magazine, Fall 2012: Hunting Western WhitetailsWestern Whitetail Magazine, Fall 2012 – The fall issue of Western Whitetail Magazine is out with a wealth of information regarding hunting whitetails in the West. In the cover story, Editor, Darren Choate, expands on Geoff Lloyd’s hunt for a 122-inch Coues buck (as seen on www.westernwhitetail.tv) with information on how to be successful in the high country. Choate also provides his opinion of hunting behind a high fence, where the bucks have been genetically altered; let’s just say he’s NOT for it. In his featured article, Patrick Meitin, has a few early season whitetail strategies for hunters looking to pursue whitetails in the West this fall. Additionally, Meitin offers a few pointers about shooting from a treestand in his Bowhunting the West column. Scott Haugen takes you on an Idaho adventure, where he takes two bucks on the same hunt. In his Gear’N Up column, Haugen provides some pointers on how to repel mosquitoes using the ThermaCell. And, last but definitely not least, Mark Kayser details his hunt for a giant whitetail. Kayser battles the elements and hunting pressure, but comes out on top with a 200+ inch bruiser.

In the Pro Staff section, Virginia Hawthorne, offers her insight on how women can be a wife, a mother, and a hunter. Hawthorne details her hunt in eastern Washington, where she takes a dandy Northwest Whitetail, and shares the experience with her husband and her children. High school senior, Zane Graham, from West Texas let’s you know how to get your school work done, play sports, spend quality time with the family, so that you can spend as much time hunting as possible. Graham is adicted to hunting, but know that life has many facets.

Our Juniors-Only author this issue is Mark Kayser’s daughter, Katelyn. Katelyn tells us how she follows in her father’s footsteps, and tells us about her first buck that she took at the age of 12.

It’s all in the fall issue of Western Whitetail Magazine.

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