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Western Whitetail Magazine, Summer 2013Western Whitetail Magazine, Summer 2013 – Well, summer is upon us and opening day is right around the corner. In fact, the fall hunting season is so close that now is the time every die-hard whitetail hunter should be spending every available hour in the woods, scouting by every means available.

The summer issue of Western Whitetail is jam-packed with information on how to make the most of your summer scouting. Editor, Scott Haugen, follows up on Mark Kayser’s spring article on shed antler hunting with an article on including a trained canine into your antler finding adventures. Speaking of Mark Kayser, he adds his thoughts on how best to scout during the summer months. Of course, archery expert, Patrick Meitin, provides his scouting precautions, a laundry list of trail-camera do’s and don’ts. To the mix, I’ve added my two-cents on the overall preparation for the fall season including thoughts on fitness, shooting, and scouting. On the Departments side, we have everything covered from choosing the best Western Whitetail caliber to prepping your stand site to how to prepare some tasty venison jerky.

Again, we have made a few adjustments to our editorial team. After just a short spell writing for Western Whitetail, Bob Robb has moved on to new endeavors, and we all wish him the best. Joining us this quarter is Glen Stilson, a firearm expert with a vast knowledge of shooting, whether it’s tactical or hunting in nature. His column, “Make the Shot,” makes its first appearance in this issue, and will be featured in several upcoming issues as well.
As we all prepare for the upcoming deer season, I hope your scouting efforts allow you to find the buck of your dreams. I appreciate your support. Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come later this year. Happy hunting!

Darren Choate
Founder & Editor In Chief

THE EXPERTS: Scott and Tiffany Haugen, Patrick Meitin, Mark Kayser & Darren Choate have loaded the summer issue with vital information for scouting and hunting the West for White-tailed Deer.

FEATURES: Antler Dogs, Summer Scouting, Prepare for Fall, and Trail-camera Precautions.

DEPARTMENTS: Western Whitetail Calibers, Sprucing Up Your Stand, and Tasty Venison Jerky.

ALSO INSIDE: Giant Canadian Buck, Staff Corner, Deer Gear, Stories, and Juniors-Only.

It’s all in the summer issue of Western Whitetail Magazine.

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