Western Whitetail Magazine – Winter 2012

The Winter Issue is Out!

Western Whitetail Magazine, Winter 2012 – The winter issue of Western Whitetail Magazine has hit the Magazine Rack with vital information regarding hunting whitetails in the West. In the cover story, our newest contributor, Bob Robb, discusses his north Texas whitetail experience, where patience was the key to success. In his featured article, Patrick Meitin, addresses what it takes to harvest a mature whitetail during the late season in Idaho. Additionally, Meitin offers a few pointers about how to silence your bow in his Bowhunting the West column. Scott Haugen is rattling up during the rut and offers his insight on which rattling techniques work best for western whitetails. In his Gear’N Up column, Haugen provides some pointers on picking the right boots for your hunting adventure. Finally, Mark Kayser provides invaluable information on how and why to hunt western whitetails in blizzard conditions.

In the Pro Staff section, Kevin Reese, discusses hunting deer off the beaten path to beat the late season blues. Daniel and Virginia Hawthorne have shared some pictures of a few giant bucks taken from their trail-cameras in eastern Washington; a must see, if you like big western whitetails. Finally, pro staff member, Shelton Boggess, shares his experiences about his first Coues hunt.

Our Juniors-Only author is Shelton Boggess’ little brother, Davis. The younger Boggess brother took a nice Coues buck on the last day of the season and shares his experience.

It’s all in the fall issue of Western Whitetail Magazine.

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