Whitetail TV - Western Whitetail TV - Whitetail Deer Hunting TV

Western Whitetail TV – Western Whitetail TV is hosted by the Editor of Western Whitetail Magazine, Darren Choate. The online hunting show features exciting hunts for the western sub-species of White-tailed deer found from Mexico to Canada, and from the far Midwest to the Pacific Northwest including: Carmen Mountain, Columbian, Coues, Dakota, Northwest, and Texas whitetail deer.

Western Whitetail TV is available FREE and ONLINE to viewers here on WesternWhitetail.com and www.DeerHunt.TV each month. Each episode is 15 approximately minutes in length and features one or several hunts with our staff, pro staff, and western Whitetail friends. In 2012, Western Whitetail will broadcast six episodes beginning in August and wrapping up in January. Season one of Western Whitetail TV will feature hunts for Carmen Mountain, Coues, Northwest, and Texas whitetail deer.

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