• Dragging a deer.

    Trophy Quality Begins with the Care you Take in the Field

    Trophy Quality Begins with the Care you Take in the Field Eight things your taxidermist will love you for by Josh Lantz Anyone who plops their money down at the taxidermy shop wants and expects a great looking mount. Hunters expect a lot from their taxidermist and that’s reasonable. But ...


Hunt Turkeys Your Way With Bloodsport Wraith System Turkey Lopper & Turkey Bodyshot Broadheads

HUNT TURKEYS YOUR WAY WITH BLOODSPORT WRAITH SYSTEM TURKEY LOPPER & TURKEY BODYSHOT BROADHEADS The Wraith broadhead system from BloodSport is setting new standards accuracy, durability and value, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the TURKEY LOPPER and TURKEY BODYSHOT. First and foremost, these Wraith system heads are the most deadly and accurate […]

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Begin The New Turkey Season

Begin the New Turkey Season with ALPS Outdoorz New Grand Slam Turkey Vest This time of year is when serious turkey hunters inventory their gear and take a hard look at what works and what doesn’t. If you think that one of the things that doesn’t work perfectly for you is your turkey vest, or […]

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Traveling with Firearms

Traveling with Firearms

Traveling with Firearms Follow these tips from hunter and competitive shooter, Rich Yoder, for a safe and uneventful trip. by Joe Balog Today’s hunters pull out all the stops in pursuit of their quarry. Turkey enthusiasts crisscross the country each spring in their individual quests for a “grand slam” – the successful harvest of each […]

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Top Ground Blind Goodies

Top-Five Ground Blind Goodies

Top-Five Ground Blind Goodies by Lance Davidson Today’s hub-style ground blinds are lightweight, highly portable, and capable of putting hunters in position to ambush game. Maximize your ground blind hunting experience with these five key accessories. 5. Pruning Kit – Ground blinds are often placed in front of trees or brush in order to break-up […]

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Hamskea The Cure Release. Pink Option

Trigger Panic – Make it Stop!

Trigger Panic – Make it Stop! by Samantha Lance Those two dreaded words that archery shooters can’t stand to hear… trigger panic. Even seasoned archery veterans get the heebie jeebies from the mere mention of it. Trigger panic refers to an action that has influence on an unsuccessful release. Most of the time it’s shot […]

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Kansas 11-Point

Kansas 11-Point by Darren Choate Having grown up in the West hunting primarily mule deer and elk, a Midwestern whitetail hunt had never even been in the back of my mind. As a young adult, my hunting passion switched to the pursuit of the Coues White-tailed deer. Still, I had no desire to hunt the […]

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