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Hunting in a Man’s World

Being a female in a mostly male dominated world presents many challenges. The biggest one? Clothing. For years and years we have looked ridiculous wearing our daddy’s old camouflage and suffered ridicule when our pants weren’t long enough.  But we keep hunting. We have different obvious requirements for our bathroom needs; sometimes it is near […]

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Not So Reality T.V.

“Oh there he is! He didn’t go 50 yards from my stand!” How many times have you heard this line while watching a hunting show? Have you ever wondered why the “hunter” didn’t just follow the cameraman to the dead animal? I mean the cameraman was there already because he is filming the excitement of […]

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I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye, knowing I was all alone in the  canyon, I was a little afraid to look back to see what it was. I took one big step forward and the movement followed me. All I saw was a dark black form in my peripheral vision […]

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