• Idaho Early Season Success - Tim Neal

    Idaho Early Season Success

    Idaho Early Season Success by Tim Neal Being from Arizona when someone says whitetail, I immediately think of our little gray, desert whitetail, the Coues deer. The Coues deer is one of my favorite species to hunt, but spending portions of the last several summers and falls in Idaho, I ...


Hunt Turkeys Your Way With Bloodsport Wraith System Turkey Lopper & Turkey Bodyshot Broadheads

HUNT TURKEYS YOUR WAY WITH BLOODSPORT WRAITH SYSTEM TURKEY LOPPER & TURKEY BODYSHOT BROADHEADS The Wraith broadhead system from BloodSport is setting new standards accuracy, durability and value, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the TURKEY LOPPER and TURKEY BODYSHOT. First and foremost, these Wraith system heads are the most deadly and accurate […]

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Begin The New Turkey Season

Begin the New Turkey Season with ALPS Outdoorz New Grand Slam Turkey Vest This time of year is when serious turkey hunters inventory their gear and take a hard look at what works and what doesn’t. If you think that one of the things that doesn’t work perfectly for you is your turkey vest, or […]

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Hamskea The Cure Release. Pink Option

Trigger Panic – Make it Stop!

Trigger Panic – Make it Stop! by Samantha Lance Those two dreaded words that archery shooters can’t stand to hear… trigger panic. Even seasoned archery veterans get the heebie jeebies from the mere mention of it. Trigger panic refers to an action that has influence on an unsuccessful release. Most of the time it’s shot […]

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Kansas 11-Point

Kansas 11-Point by Darren Choate Having grown up in the West hunting primarily mule deer and elk, a Midwestern whitetail hunt had never even been in the back of my mind. As a young adult, my hunting passion switched to the pursuit of the Coues White-tailed deer. Still, I had no desire to hunt the […]

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Single Pin or Multi Pin Sight?

As bowhunters, one of the most important pieces of equipment on our bow is the sight. There are many different brands and styles of sights to choose from which can make the process of choosing a sight difficult. Sights can range from one single pin up to seven pins on a multi-pin sight. So, how do you know which sight is best […]

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Lighted Nocks

Lighted nocks have been on the market for years now and a new color/design is always being released. I have been using lighted nocks for the past three years and would not go hunting without them. They make it much easier to see your shot placement and make finding your arrow less time consuming. These two […]

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MATHEWS® INTRODUCES 2016 HALON™ Sparta, Wisconsin–Built on Crosscentric™ Cam technology, the 2016 HALON™ delivers hardhitting energy with the consistent accuracy you’ve come to expect from Mathews®. Inspired by No Cam™ technology, the HALON’s all-new CrossCentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout to produce a stealthy draw and delivers speeds up to 353 feet per […]

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Mountains - Clark Fork Outfitters

Whitetail & Elk, East & West

Whitetail & Elk, East & West by Cody McDonald The winner of the Western Whitetail Hunt Giveaway with Clark Fork Outfitters in Northern Idaho tells his story of the hunt. On October 16th, I packed my gear and headed to Palm Springs Airport to fly home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for two weeks of military leave. There was […]

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