Arrow Speed Calculator

Arrow Speed Calculator

Use the following arrow speed calculator to estimate arrow speed.


  • IBO (
    • 30 inch draw length
    • 70 pound draw weight
    • 350 grain arrow
    • +/- 1 inch change in draw length ~ +/- 10 FPS
    • +/- 10 pound change in draw weight ~ +/- 18 FPS
    • +/- 3 grain change in arrow weight ~ +/- 1 FPS
    • +/- 3 grain change in string weight ~ +/- 1 FPS

The Importance of Arrow Weight Estimation & Arrow Weight

Build Your Arrow for Success

Finding the perfect arrow setup can be critical in achieving success on the range as well as in the field. Factors such as weight (GPI), size, and arrow components have large effects on your bow’s performance as well as the lethality of your arrow. An archer must be aware of these variables when setting up an arrow for their next hunt or competition in order to have the maximum effectiveness with their bow. A light arrow will have less drop height than a heavier arrow over the same change in distance. This creates a more forgiving setup for variable and unknown distances. By understanding which factors in arrow performance are essential to your discipline, an archer can create a more effective arrow for their needs… The same concepts are important when setting up your hunting arrows as well. All too many times I hear of archers keeping their mind focused on the speed of their bow. While speed can be very helpful when hunting, focusing on speed can have sever effects. This could include a drastic drop in momentum and kinetic energy and can also result in accuracy issues as well as negative consequences for the animal depending on the game you are hunting. In addition, bows shooting at higher speeds can sometimes be more temperamental to tune, resulting in possible accuracy issues. An archer should instead keep their mind focused on setting up an arrow with greater overall lethality for their hunt. For example, an archer pursuing large game such as elk, moose, caribou, etc. should focus on creating an arrow which will have more kinetic energy to be able to penetrate the hide and even bone that covers the vitals. By increasing the weight of the arrow, it will also resist a change in direction more effectively. This means less wind drift during through the air. Keep in mind, when increasing weight in the front of an arrow, the dynamic arrow spine of the arrow will change. Be sure that your arrow will remain in proper spine range for your bow setup… This arrow speed calculator can help you build your arrow for success. – Paeton Keller

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