Arrow Weight Calculator

Arrow Weight Calculator

Use the following arrow weight calculator to estimate arrow weight

The Importance of Arrow Weight Estimation & Arrow Weight

Build Your Arrow for Success

Finding the perfect arrow setup can be critical in achieving success on the range as well as in the field. Factors such as weight (GPI), size, and arrow components have large effects on your bow’s performance as well as the lethality of your arrow. An archer must be aware of these variables when setting up an arrow for their next hunt or competition in order to have the maximum effectiveness with their bow… To increase kinetic energy, an arrow should be set up with more overall mass than the average arrow. This can be achieved multiple ways. First, choose an arrow shaft with a higher weight per inch (GPI). Standard carbon arrows tend to range in the 8 to 10 grains per inch range, but with aluminum/carbon hybrid arrows, an archer can achieve greater overall mass in their arrow. Easton Full Metal Jackets are a great option for archers wanting to achieve higher arrow mass while still being a smaller diameter shaft. Easton offers the FMJ arrows in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm… For archers that may need to take shots at further range, many times for the western hunter, a proper balance between speed and kinetic energy is essential. This balance many times becomes a large debate for many due to what each individual views as important during the hunt. Speed is important to be able to reach out to the longer ranges, but arrow mass is essential to lethality and wind drift resistance. For most archers (27 to 30 inch draw length and 60 to 70 pound draw out of a modern compound bow), an arrow weighing between 420 to 450 grain tends to lead to a great balance of speed and energy to be effective for hunting. Archers should try to avoid hunting with arrows that weight in under 380 grains due to lack of kinetic energy… This arrow weight calculator can help you build your arrow for success. – Paeton Keller

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