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Brush Country Buffet

Brush Country Buffet Heartland Wildlife, the provider of the finest complete program for deer and wildlife management is catering to those hunters who are in search of that custom seed blend designed specifically for dry climates...


Coues Tips

Coues Tips 10 Tips for Coues Deer Coues Tips – The Coues whitetail is one of the most unique sub-species of White-tailed deer. The Coues thrives in the arid Southwest, including northern Mexico, and the states of Arizona...

DR Choate

Coues Hunting Tips

Coues Hunting Tips by Darren Choate 1) Know Your Quarry The Coues White-tailed deer is distinctly smaller than most of its whitetail cousins, and resides in only a small percentage of North America. The range of the Coues...