Dakota Whitetail

Dakota Whitetail Deer

Odocoileus virginianus dacotensis

Dakota Whitetail - Odocoileus virginianus dacotensisFound throughout the Mid-west, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, the Dakotas and much of western and Central Canada, the Dakota whitetail deer is one of the highest prized big-game animals. While the Dakota whitetail deer is typically found in the plains, river bottoms and foothills, they can also be found at higher elevations in the mountainous regions of the Bighorn Mountains and Black Hills. Since the 1930s, the Dakota whitetail hunting seasons have been used to closely manage the overall health and quality of the deer.

Locations Found

Wyoming: Whitetail are found in the rivers and drainages of Wyoming, specifically in the eastern half of the state. Small populations are also found in the Bighorn Mountains and Black Hills.

Nebraska: The Dakota whitetail deer can be found throughout the state, but is most common along the river bottoms, including the Missouri River, Platte River and Niobrara River.