2021 Editors’ Choice Top Bows

Editors' Choice

Are you thinking about buying a new bow this year? Don’t hesitate, bow season is right around the corner, at least in most western states. Putting a new bow in your hands now and practicing over the summer will ensure proficiency when opening day arrives.

There are several great bows on the market from a variety of manufacturers. My advice before making a selection is to put each bow in your hand and shoot it; it’s the only true test a bowhunter can perform to make an informed purchase. To get you started, I have put together a few bow selections that I feel are top-notch for 2021.

Of course, I cannot cover every new bow on the market, so I have narrowed the field. My list of bows is the shortlist I used to decide what bow to shoot in 2021. All of the listed bows will fit a wide range of bowhunters. The following seven bows shoot over 340 FPS (IBO), have an axle-to-axle length range of 30- to 33-inches, and a brace height near 6-inches.

2021 Top Bow Models

Prime NEXUS 2 341 32 6 4.25 23-30 $999.00
Mathews V3 31 342 31 6 4.50 26-30.5 $1199.00
Bowtech Solution 346 32 6 4.30 25-30 $1199.00
Hoyt Carbon RX-5 342 30 6 1/4 4.40 25-28 / 28.5-30 $1699.00
Elite EnKore 340 33 6 4.55 23-30 $1099.99
Bear Redemption EKO 342 31 6 1/4 4.30 26-30 999.99
PSE EVO EVL 32 345 32 6 1/4 4.50 25-30.5 1099.99

All-Around Bow | Prime NEXUS 2

Prime NEXUS 2

The Prime NEXUS 2 is my all-around pick for several reasons, and it’s the bow I am currently shooting. First, Prime has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing smooth, balanced, and shootable bows. The NEXUS 2 fits that mold. The new Roto Cam System and Nano Grip, coupled with Prime’s Centergy Technology make the NEXUS 2 a top choice for any bowhunter. Additionally, the NEXUS 2 has the lowest price tag of the group. (Note: it’s only $0.99 less than the Bear Redemption EKO, but still under). It’s also the lightest of the array of bows, too. Its low end of the pack, IBO speed of 341 FPS creates plenty of energy to take any North American big game animal. Lastly, the NEXUS 2 fits a wide variety of bowhunters with its extended draw length range.


The world’s most accurate bow has 50% less vibration and is now faster and more comfortable than ever before.

CONTACT: https://www.g5prime.com/

Speed Bow | Bowtech Solution

The Solution from Bowtech is the fastest bow of the bunch, capable of propelling an IBO-weighted arrow at 346 FPS. Add in their DeadLock Technologies, and the bow is tuneable quickly and easily. The backbone of the DeadLock system is the cam, which can be moved in either direction (independently) to achieve perfect arrow flight. The Clutch Performance Grip provides a comfortable modular grip designed to reduce torque. Additionally, they come in four colors to personalize your Solution bow. Within the group, it is the second lightest and has a 5-inch range of draw length adjustment. Bowhunters that are looking for a speed advantage should give the Solution a look. (Note: I was only able to shoot the Solution SD, which is the short draw version of this bow).


Speed without the kick. Blazing fast speed without sacrificing comfort. Equipped with DeadLock Technologies; the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.

CONTACT: https://bowtecharchery.com/

Technology Bow | Hoyt Carbon RX-5

This is the only bow I haven’t shot, still, I’m impressed. At first glance, the Hoyt Carbon RX-5 is a middle-of-the-pack bow. However, Hoyt’s recent additions to their technology are industry-leading. The new HBX Cam is built to deliver smooth performance and its Limb Shox is redesigned for maximum effectiveness. On top of the Integrate rest mount, Hoyt added a new inline Picatinny sight mount. Finally, Hoyt created a new stabilizer mounting point near the bottom of the riser to create a lower center of gravity with front of center weight. Hunters that demand the utmost performance in their bows — and willing to pay a higher price for it — will gravitate to the Carbon RX-5.


 It represents carbon that is over-engineered and over-built to forge the toughest, most capable bows in the world. 

CONTACT: https://hoyt.com/

Dependable Bow | Mathews V3 31

Mathews V3 31

The Mathews V3 31 doesn’t stand out in any category, per se. However, perhaps more than any other bow brand, Mathews has affirmed its reputation with a firm-hold on a large following of bowhunters. And for good reason, Mathews builds solid bows that perform well. Each year, Mathews always seems to release a new feature that works for bowhunters. This year that feature was the extended riser to axle-to-axle ratio. Pick one up and you will feel the difference. I was able to replicate Mathews’ IBO speed claim, so it’s possible it’s actually faster than all the others. Shoot one, and you’ll probably fall in love with its performance and maneuverability.


The 2021 V3 features our longest riser to axle-to-axle ratio to give hunters a more compact, maneuverable rig while maintaining industry-leading accuracy. 

CONTACT: https://www.mathewsinc.com/

Honorable Mentions

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the last three bows on the list. I was drawn to the others because of my shooting style and bow preference. Again, the most important factor when selecting a bow is to shoot it!

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