365 Archery Trio Target System

If you’re anything like me, you’ve grown accustomed to “Out of Stock” notifications while making online purchases.  You’ve probably even been told by retail employees that the product you want is out of stock and they have no idea when they’ll get more. This issue seems to only compound when you’re trying to purchase anything related to the hunting or outdoor industry. 

After several weeks of waiting around for an archery target to appear through an online source, I began my search at the local sporting goods stores. My goal was to find a 6 sided foam type target that would accept field tips and broadheads. Turns out that archery targets are as hard to find as the mature bulls we practice all summer to take. The big box stores told me they’d recently experienced an uptick in target sales. What they did have in stock didn’t interest me. I kept looking. I was greeted by the same responses everywhere I went.

After making my way into the local archery shop, I was met with more of the same. They did however offer a solution I hadn’t yet heard of, 365 Archery. The bad news was they didn’t have any in the store. The good news is they had some in storage and could have it in the store by the next business day.

I had to ask what exactly a 365 Archery target was. I was shown a picture of the HP Target System and given a brief overview.  Let me break it down for you. Archery 365 targets are a three-part target made of proprietary “self-sealing” foam. They advertise exceptional stopping power, which includes crossbow bolts. The outer cradle of the target is a black octagon. A hollow middle contains the core of the target, which is a 6 sided yellow cube with various targets, painted in black. The middle cube is wider than the target’s core and the excess sticks out of the back. The remaining portion of the cube insert then sits on a stand, which is strapped down by a two-piece Velcro strap that is included in your purchase. The arrow stand does an excellent job of stabilizing the target and keeping it in place.

Although I can’t speak for crossbow bolts, I personally shoot a pretty heavy arrow that sits just shy of 500 grains and flies at about 300 feet per second. The 365 Archery Target has stopped all of my arrows, and I’ve yet to see any over-penetration of the target from either field points or broadheads. I’ve used it from ranges of 10 yards to 50 yards with no change in stopping power. The arrows pull out easily and don’t leave much debris on your shafts. The targets are durable and heal quickly. They’re also relatively light and can be transported easily with one hand. The contrasting colors also make it very easy to see your hits from farther ranges.  Although I hate to admit it, I’ve put a few arrows in the target cradle. The cradle stops the arrows with the same effectiveness as the intended yellow core. Once you’ve managed to shoot your target’s core out, it can be easily replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new target.

Although a little pricey ($180 for a 24” target) when compared to other foam targets, the durability and ease of replacement seem to be worth the extra money. I see this being a buy once, cry once predicament. I’ve also been very pleased with the sturdiness of the target and its stand when stopping arrows. During my sessions, I’ve simply placed the target on its stand in my driveway. I haven’t had to make any adjustments and straighten the target in between shots. The target stays in place and I’ve had very little movement from the core. When it does push towards the back, the target stand and Velcro strap do an excellent job of keeping the core in place for follow-up shots.

When it comes to durability, replacement, stopping power, and ease of transport, I have to give two thumbs up to the 365 Archery Targets. From practice at the range to confirming zeros at hunting camp, this target is exactly what I was looking for. Next time you’re in the market for a portable archery target, give this Minnesota company a shot.

365 Archery High Performance Target Systems

365 Archery High Performance Target Systems

The 365 Trio Target System is made with 365’s self-sealing foam and can be shot with either broadheads or field tips.  

The Trio Target System is a:

  • 3 Piece Assembly

It’s available in four popular sizes:

  • 18″ Diameter
  • 24″ Diameter
  • 36″ Diameter
  • 48″ Diameter

Available in Youth and Adult Densities

  • Center Core: Size: 10″X10″X10″ Cube
  • Outer Target Cradle Sizes: 18″, 24″, 36″ and 48″

Available with Safari Dot Core for all sizes of Trio Target Systems.

CONTACT: https://365archery.com/

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