A Great Cultipacker Key to Firminator’s All-in-one Functionality

A Great Cultipacker Key to Firminator's All-in-one FunctionalitySeed nestled just below or snugly against the soil is critical for food plot success. The Firminator got its name from the impressive quality of the seed bed it produces, and one of the great features of this all-in-one food plot implement is an awesome cultipacker.

Spending money and effort on lime, top-dollar seed and expensive fertilizer only to fail in providing a great seed bed and proper seed-to-soil contact is a common mistake when food plots are planted. That’s why a good cultipacker is one of the most important tools in your food plot planting tool box.

Each Firminator comes standard with 9-inch diameter cultipacker wheels, and now the Firminator is also available with a 16-inch diameter upgrade.

The cultipacker is a very important component for proper food plot installation. The Firminator’s heavy, notched, cast-iron cultipacker wheels are proven to eliminate air space, pulverize dirt clods and level the soil while providing a firm seed bed. This is essential for achieving high germination rates. Small seeds should be applied on top of a cultipacked seed bed, while larger seeds can be cultipacked into loose soil to cover them and provide great soil contact.

The new 16-inch cultipacker upgrade will be very beneficial for use on sandy or extremely loose soils because the larger diameter will prevent soil from flowing up and over the wheels. The larger wheels will effectively cultipack the sandiest and flour-like silty soils.

Each unit is equipped with a series of cultipacker scrapers to keep the assembly clean and rolling in even less-than-ideal conditions.

With a Firminator, you hook up just one time to one implement, and you’re ready to do all the work required to put in a well-prepared food plot. The Firminator is three tools on one piece of equipment. The operator has the flexibility to perform tasks one at a time or simultaneously. Certain planting situations allow you to disk, drop seed, and cultipack all in one pass.

The Firminator food plot implement is the ideal piece of equipment for hunting food plots and deer management, and a great cultipacker is a key element in its design and functionality. The Firminator, from Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment, is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. When you eye that perfect seed bed, you’ll know why this implement was named the Firminator.

For more information on the Firminator, visit www.thefirminator.com.

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