Western Whitetail was founded by Darren Choate in 2011 to provide hunters with quality content about the sub-species of White-tailed deer found in the West including, Carmen Mountain, Columbian, Coues, Dakota, Northwest, and Texas. In 2015, two new brands were added, Whitetail Territory and Western Big Game Hunting. Now, all three brands have been incorporated into Western&Whitetail to provide comprehensive, informative, and entertaining content for those hunters who love to hunt the West, and for those that are passionate about hunting Whitetail. Simply put, Western Whitetail is about Western Hunting and Whitetail Hunting.

Founder and Editor In Chief of Western Whitetail, Darren Choate, with his recent trophy Coues buck (pictured with son, Colton).
Founder of Western Whitetail, Darren Choate with a trophy Coues buck (pictured with his son, Colton who is also a contributor).