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 BarrelBuddy | Pitch the Patch

BarrelBuddy provides full 360-degree cylindrical coverage pushing into the bore rifling (grooves) for a complete clean! The Cleaning Patch has been the staple of gun cleaning for centuries, but why? Jamming a 2-dimensional square into a 3-dimensional cylinder is not exactly smart, nor does it produce good results! BarrelBuddy allows you to Pitch the Patch, and obtain true 360-degree full bore compressed contact resulting in an incomparable clean!


BarrelBuddy comes in sizes to fit barrels from .22 caliber to 10-Gauge. Since every gun cleaning session can be different – how many rounds shot, type of ammo used, how well maintained the gun is kept, how often it is shot, etc.  – each bag provides an approximate number of cleanings as indicated on the label, estimating you will use 3-5 BarrelBuddy’s per cleaning session.


  • No hassling trying to thread a Patch through a Slotted End
  • No trying to keep a Patch on the end of a jag
  • No more squeegee of solvent as you push the Patch into the barrel
  • No solvent or chemical dripping
  • No more getting solvent all over your hands
  • No splattering of solvent and debris as the Patch emerges from the barrel
  • No more hassling trying to select the right size Patch for the barrel
  • No more frustration trying to pick up only one Patch from the stack
  • No more lint, fibers or thread left in the barrel
  • No more having the jag push through and tear the Patch


BarrelBuddy is pleased to fulfill Bulk Orders for organizations and individuals, such as Military, Law Enforcement, Shooting Ranges, CHL Instructors, Preppers, and Hunting and Gun Clubs.

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