Best of the West Long-range Muzzleloaders

Best of the West Long-range Muzzleloaders

Best of the West Long-range Muzzleloaders

Best of the West Long-range Muzzleloaders

The authority in ethical long-range hunting — The Best of the West (BOTW) — has now changed the muzzleloader market forever with its new Signature Series Long Range Muzzleloaders. Available in .45 and .50 caliber, the new Best of the West muzzleloaders are tested and proven to shoot between .5 and 1 MOA at an amazing 550 yards to ensure a true long-range advantage at well beyond this range.

The Best of the West long-range muzzleloader features a side-discharge brake that directs the bulk of smoke away from the line of sight while significantly reducing recoil. The dual side port brake and specifically designed crown, along with the included funnel, make pouring loose powder cleaner and more efficient.

The muzzleloaders use The Best of the West’s Express Priming System, which is a patent-pending design that can store and feed three primed inserts from a magazine, much like a centerfire rifle. The non-saboted bullets have an advertised ballistic coefficient of .453 and maintain over 1,000 foot-pounds of energy at 800 yards. The result is dramatically better accuracy at longer distances over traditional muzzleloaders.

The Best of the West Long Range Muzzleloader can be outfitted with the purchaser’s choice of Huskemaw long-range optics. Peep sights and a Huskemaw quick-detach system allowing hunters to remove the scope in states that only allow peep sights are also available. The shooting system package also includes:

  • BOTW muzzleloader in either .45 or .50 CAL
  • Huskemaw Optics long-range riflescope
  • Breech plug tool and breech plug anti-seize
  • Short starter
  • Possibles/field bag
  • 12 powder tubes (powder not included)
  • 20 bullets
  • 100 patches
  • 10 primer carriers
  • Unloading tool
  • TSA-approved hard case

MSRP begins at $6,099 depending on options and Huskemaw scope selected. For additional information, please visit

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