Bowtech Solution SD, An Inside Look

Bowtech Solution SD, An Inside Look | Darren Choate

Bowtech Solution SD - Bow Report

Bowtech Solution SD, An Inside Look

A premium performance bow designed to match the desires of the short-draw archer.

By Darren Choate

From Bowtech

“Performance Without Compromise – Optimized for draw lengths of 23.5” to 28.5”, the new Bowtech Solution SD features the dead silence, dead-in-hand feel, and deadly accuracy of our DeadLock Cam System. Its modern riser design and DeadLock cams give you a buttery-smooth draw and transfer more energy to your arrows with even more nock-splitting precision than you’ve ever experienced. Built just for you. Because, the ultimate shooting experience isn’t one size fits all.”

Bowtech Solution SD


AXLE-TO-AXLE: 30 inches

WEIGHT: 3.9 pounds

BRACE HEIGHT: 7 inches


DRAW LENGTH: 23 ½ – 28 ½ inches adjustable in 1/2-inch increments

DRAW WEIGHT: 50, 60 and 70

FINISHES: Several available

MSRP: $1199.99



DeadLock Cams: The quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy but engineered for the hunter with a shorter draw. Featuring Powershift Technology.

DeadLock Pockets: Deadlock limb pockets lock every component in the entire bow structure as one for the most rigid, accuracy-producing platform possible.

Deadlock Cable Containment: The reduced torque translates to added forgiveness and dramatically enhanced shot-to-shot accuracy.

Clutch Performance Grip: The most comfortable modular grips on the market are engineered to reduce torque while increasing comfort. Our low-profile Clutch grip comes standard. The Clutch Control grip is available for purchase separately. Both grips are available in 4 popular colors.

Orbit Dampener: Multi-positioning to offset accessory weight while absorbing unwanted vibration.

Bowtech Solution SD, An Inside Look

Built on and backed by the Bowtech DeadLock Cam System platform, the Solution SD promises “Performance Without Compromise.” This is a bold statement to make for a bow designed for short-draw archers. Let’s face it, the challenge of retaining performance while downsizing is difficult. However, after putting the Solution SD to the test over several days, I can affirm Bowtech’s promise.

Out of the Box

Removing the bow from the box, I made two immediate conclusions. First, the bow is exceptionally lightweight and maneuverable. Second — albeit not the only color available — the black satin riser coupled with the white limb lettering and red on the DeadLock Cam System is an aesthetically pleasing combination. Overall, the Solution SD’s fit and finish are stellar.

Out of the Box


To begin, I mounted and leveled a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest and then tied on a D-loop. Next, I bolted on a Rocky Mountain 3-pin Driver Dovetail Mount sight, as well as a short Octane stabilizer. My hope was to make the Solution SD feel and perform like a hunting bow, which I achieved. Following Bowtech’s guidelines, I set the draw weight to 65 pounds and draw length to 28 inches. (Note: I usually shoot a 27 ½-inch draw length, so you may find you need an extra half-inch with this bow).

Lastly, from my vast collection, I found an arrow that was long enough to handle my draw setting, as well as appropriately spined. The chosen 28-inch Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ350 weighed in at 371-grains.


Real-World Results

Using my Block range target as a backstop, I started by firing a few arrows to get a feel for the bow’s idiosyncrasies. Once I was comfortable with the setup — about five arrows — I grabbed my chronograph to check speed. I fired a set of three arrows, which had an average speed of 281 fps. Performing a quick calculation in my head provided a positive response; however, I wanted to check the performance with an online calculator.

Assuming I added about 15 grains to the string (D-loop and original nocking point that I kept), the 281 fps was the perfect equivalency for my personal setup of 28-inch draw length and 65-pound draw weight. Kudos to Bowtech on their published speed!

The Solution SD efficiently creates energy. At 281 fps, a 371-grain arrow produces approximately 65 foot-pounds of kinetic energy (KE) and 0.46 slug-feet/second of momentum (M) at release. This is more than ample energy — however, you choose to measure it — to take any North American game species at an ethical distance. Still, speed isn’t the only variable or reason to buy a bow.

In my opinion, The Solution SD draws like a flagship bow. The draw cycle is smooth. Moreover, it settles nicely into a back wall at full draw, not wanting to spring forward without warning. I say go to your local pro shop and shoot it; I bet you will like its overall smoothness.


Speed Projections

The following speed projections for the Bowtech Solution SD are based on our Arrow Speed Calculator.

24″ Draw | 350-grain Arrow | 50#: 221 fps

25″ Draw | 365-grain Arrow | 55#: 235 fps

26″ Draw | 375-grain Arrow | 60#: 251 fps

27″ Draw | 385-grain Arrow | 65#: 267 fps

28″ Draw | 400-grain Arrow | 70#: 281 fps


The Bowtech Solution SD is, as mentioned, a lightweight and maneuverable bow. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for spot-and-stalk bowhunters, as well as bowhunters that prefer to wait in a hide — treestand or ground blind. It’s also a likely candidate for the growing teen hunter since the bow adjusts to grow with them. It’s compactness and weight are ideal for short-draw archers, male or female.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with the Bowtech Solution SD. This bow will be a contender for short draw archers in 2021. Use our Arrow Speed Calculator and Arrow Efficiency Calculator to estimate the speed and energy of your Bowtech Solution SD setup. For more information, visit and don’t forget to stop by tour local pro shop to shoot one soon.

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