Bring in Big Bucks with these Rattling Tools
Getting a Mature Buck’s Attention has never been easier…

Bring in Big Bucks with these Rattling Tools

Bring in Big Bucks with these Rattling Tools

Getting a Mature Buck’s Attention has never been easier

New Roads, LA (September 2018) – Few things are as exciting in the whitetail deer world as rattling in mature bucks. For decades, hunters have been banging together antlers to get the attention of mature bucks. Flextone has made it easier than ever to get these bucks to investigate the sounds of bucks fighting.

Whether you prefer the compact design of the Bone Bag™ or the deep sound of Battle Bones®, there is something for you. Light, compact and efficient, the Bone Bag™ provides the ultimate in portability and sound quality. Sticks made from High-Tec polymer, designed to mimic the soft sparring of early season. When used more aggressively, the deep fighting sounds of a true buck fight generates realistic sound in a compact mesh bag. The Bone Bag™ is the ultimate rattling bag on the market.

If you are looking for a more realistic sound, only made from antlers themselves, Battle Bones® do what sheds can’t. These synthetic antlers recreate an aggressive fight between two mature bucks. Molded pairs of antlers simulate two full racks giving you double the volume, double the distance, and double the realism.

Antler Mass Technology® duplicates the sound real antlers make when thrusted together by mature bucks. Antler-like grooves deliver amazingly realistic rattling tones. High-density polymers make sure those tones are loud when necessary and soft when required to entice bucks those last few yards.

Both racks easily stack together to fit inside most backpacks without unwanted clanging. The unique and comfortable hex grip and offset handles make using the racks simple, adding control for better sounds and greater protection/comfort for long-term use. Battle Bones® provide the hunter with the necessary tools to convince mature bucks to investigate and commit. Hunters looking for a bit more realism can trust the sounds made from Battle Bones®.

Flextone Bone Bag™ Features

  • Loud, realistic sounds mimic battling bucks
  • Mesh bag increases volume to cover greater distances
  • Draw cord for easy attachment
  • MSRP: $9.99

Bone Bag

Flextone Battle Bones® Features

  • Antler Mass Technology® creates ultra-realistic tones
  • Hex grip design provides maximum control
  • Offset handles add protection and comfort
  • MSRP: $24.99

Battle Bones

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