Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo

Knight & Hale Introduces the Ultimate Elk Call Duo:
The Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo

Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo

Unique call combo offers exceptional tone quality and extreme sound versatility
with the hands-free operation that comes with using diaphragm calls.

Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo

Birmingham, AL – Knight and Hale® Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds for a multitude of species, introduces the Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo pack suited perfectly for elk hunters seeking a calling package that offers extreme sound quality and versatility—with the hands-free convenience that comes with using mouth calls.

The Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo is an exceptionally persuasive addition to your elk-call arsenal that allows you to keep your hands on your firearm or bow, ensuring that you’re ready when Mr. Big comes to investigate your calling. The Knight and Hale combo includes the Sassy Girl, which is the ultimate diaphragm call for producing aggressive vocalizations of a cow elk in heat, and Wooly Bull, which is the ideal diaphragm call for realistically recreating the vocalizations of a young satellite bull on the prowl.

With this combo, you’re able to easily simulate the estrous calls of a receptive cow elk being courted by an inferior young bull, triggering the aggressive breeding instincts of a mature bull that will force him to come in to displace the young bull and claim the cow as his own—and that’s when you strike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile two-in-one diaphragm combo set
  • Wooly Bully call: imitates the sound of a satellite bull on the prowl
  • Sassy Girl call: imitates realistic estrous cow-elk vocalizations with ease
  • Allows hands-free use to keep hands on you gun or bow
  • Especially effective on mature bulls during the peak of the rut

The MSRP for the Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo is $14.99.

For more information about the Bull and Cow Elk Diaphragm Combo or any Knight & Hale hunting products, visit www.knightandhale.com.

About Knight & Hale Game Calls
With a product line that includes turkey, waterfowl, deer, predator, small game and big game, Knight & Hale calls have been in every corner of North America. Likewise, numerous world champion callers have been crowned with the help of a Knight & Hale call. Whether it’s a friction call or bugle—or it produces a grunt or a yelp—every Knight & Hale call comes with real hunting experience, as if it’s molded into the construction. It’s those practical insights that guide product development…and hunter success.

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