Cuddeback’s Silver and Blue Series Trail Cameras


Cuddeback’s Silver and Blue Series Trail Cameras

Cuddeback's Silver and Blue Series Trail CamerasBig bucks get that way by being smart, shy and reclusive. With the exception of a few precious days every year, they avoid other deer, and the trails those other deer use. Getting such a buck on your trail camera is like finding a $20 bill in your jeans on wash day.

That’s why Cuddeback, the leader in trail camera performance and technology for 25 years, takes so much pride in making the best cameras with the fastest trigger speeds.

Why is trigger speed so important? When you’re making important hunting decisions, including where to spend your precious time, or which bucks to harvest and which to protect for another year, you need to see every detail of that deer.

If you want to see a buck’s rack, and not just his backside, trigger speed is the key. Studies have shown that deer easily cover 10 feet in 1 second – and that’s at a walking pace! Foreign-designed trail cameras with slow, 1-second trigger speeds lead to pictures of deer parts rather than whole deer.

Designed here in the United States, Cuddeback’s Silver and Blue series trail cameras feature blazing-fast 1/4-second trigger speed that allows hunters to get the pictures other cameras miss.

The Cuddeback name is legendary, but you wouldn’t know that by their pricing. Cuddeback makes hard-working trail cameras for hard-working hunters who want a quality product that will withstand the elements and be ready to perform when that giant buck finally shows his face.

Best of all, with a Cuddeback, you’ll get the rest of the buck in the picture, too! Lightning 1/4-second trigger speed is available on Cuddeback’s enhanced Blue Series cameras, as well as their best-selling Silver Series cameras, which have a wallet-friendly $150 MSRP. White Series cameras have an impressive 1/2-second trigger speed and are priced starting at just $100.

If you’re tired of getting pictures of deer parts, it’s time to check out the trail cameras with the world’s fastest trigger speeds. It’s time to experience a Cuddeback!

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