Easily Set Up Ozonics  To Eliminate Hunter Scent

The Ozonics machine, proven to eliminate a human scent and keep wily downwind whitetails from busting the hunter, is surprisingly easy to use.

Easily Set Up Ozonics  To Eliminate Hunter Scent

Light in weight and about the size of a clock radio, the Ozonics unit turns oxygen molecules into ozone, which is an unstable molecule that wants to immediately bond with scent molecules. Ozonics is designed to cascade the heavy ozone molecules downward through the hunter’s scent profile, which renders human scent undetectable by deer and other game.

The Ozonics is equally effective in tree stands or ground blinds, and the set-up is easy, although slightly different, in each application.

In a treestand, the hunter simply screws in the preassembled Tree Screw and Mounting Ball-Joint Arm so it will be six to 12 inches above his or her head. Then simply attach and mount the Ozonics unit in place. The hunter aims the unit downwind and tilts it downward at a 30-degree angle. The goal is to aim the flow of ozone molecules so they pass through the hunter’s scent profile. The mounting system makes it easy to adjust the Ozonics unit as wind conditions change through the day.

For portable ground blinds, the Ozonics has a Rod-mounting Attachment that replaces the Tree Screw and attaches in a snap to the blind’s overhead rods. To get it set up, the hunter determines wind direction and points the Ozonics unit at a downwind, open window. In calm or in a slight breeze, the unit should be close, within six inches, of the opening. In stronger wind, the Ozonics should be slid farther back to be behind the hunter.

Easily Set Up Ozonics  To Eliminate Hunter Scent

With Ozonics, a hunter defeats a deer’s nose with GameChanger Technology, meaning the hunter can spend less time hassling with cover scents and worrying that all the gear is scent free before heading to the stand.

With the ability to hunt any stand or ground blind on any day regardless of wind direction, the odds of bagging that trophy whitetail increase astronomically. Plus, Ozonics is even guaranteed to please. If the hunter does not experience a dramatic reduction in the number of downwind deer that bust him, Ozonics will refund his money in the same calendar year as purchase.

For more information on Ozonics GameChanger Technology that is transforming scent control and hunting, please visit www.ozonicshunting.com.

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