Exo Mountain K2 Titanium Frame in Action

Exo Mountain K2 Titanium Frame in Action

Exo Mountain K2 Titanium Frame

It is time to fill tags and load packs…

We know that many of you will be starting your hunts in the coming days and weeks, so in this update, we wanted to share some vital information with you.

  • How to load your pack with meat and a rack.
  • Elk hunting tips that make a difference.
  • What’s In My Pack? Video and gear list from Born & Raised Outdoors.
  • A chance to win some great gear!

How to load your pack with meat and a rack…

We like to say that our K2 Titanium Frame is “always there and always ready.” No matter which bag you are using on the frame, or how much gear you are carrying in that bag, our pack system is always ready to haul heavy when a tag is filled. To see the process in action, check out this video from Exo Mtn Gear co-founder, Steve Speck.

Steve was able to fill a tag during last year’s #LandOfTheFree project with Born & Raised Outdoors, and in the video you will see Steve use his 3500 Pack System to haul 4 days worth of camp, 2 elk hindquarters, the elk head and antlers in one load. More than just showing what the pack and frame system can handle, Steve shares the step-by-step process for loading an Exo Mtn Gear pack system in the field, once a tag is filled.

K² Titanium Frame | The Backbone of our Pack System

The K² Titanium frame sets Exo Mountain Gear packs apart from the competition. The unique titanium frame allows for unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort, while at the same time providing unbeatable support and rigidity when carrying heavy loads. We have load-tested the frame with more than 250lbs — it can carry more weight than you’ll ever want to. For more information on the K2 Titanium Frame, visit https://exomountaingear.com/explore/k2-titanium-frame/.

Deer Gear

Deer Gear: All the GEAR needed for DEER and big game hunting.