Every now and then we lose focus on our goals and the things that motivated us to continue pushing our limits to be the top predator in the woods. No matter the cause, the ability to push past these moments is what defines us. The road to success is not flat and smoothly paved, it is steep and full of boulders we must navigate. Would you want it any other way?

All my life I have struggled with my weight and fitness level. I have tried everything under the sun to find a quicker way to stay in shape and stay motivated, and have failed miserably. I have learned a lot about what not to do, and a little bit of what to do. Our bodies are not microwave dinners, we can’t do very little and expect great results. You must do something everyday that brings you one step closer to your goal.

Motivation fails, habits allow you to succeed. Make fitness and nutrition a habit, instead of waiting for motivation to push you to your goals. If you wait for motivation to strike before taking action something will always come up that takes you off your path, but by making fitness a habit nothing will stand in the way of your goals. Start small, take a walk, jog, run, or ride a bike everyday until it becomes a part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Once you can’t go a day without that activity add to it. Start lifting weights, doing pushups, or pullups along with your cardio and before you know it you will be at a fitness level you never thought possible.

Most of us would love to be able to climb over that next mountain  while out hunting, but if we don’t start out by climbing that hill in front of us the mountain will be out of our reach! A marathon starts with the first step, and takes one step at a time until the finish, so take that first step today!


Jake Rush is the founder for Be the Predator Fitness and specializes in training hunters to perform better physically on hunts. He is always looking for ways to exercise outside rather than a gym so he knows him or his client will be in the best shape possible for that upcoming hunt of a lifetime. His passion for Coues deer hunting drives him to train harder and climb that next hill in hopes of finding a giant. You can contact Jake through his Facebook page and follow all of his adventures at www.facebook.com/BTPfitness.