Gear for Going Guided

Gear for Going Guided

In just a couple of days, I am headed to Kansas to hunt White-tailed deer with Heartland Pride Outfitters during the peak of the rut with my bow. It may seem cliche, but I find using a checklist helpful to ensure I always arrive at my destination with the appropriate gear. I can tell you, I would rather focus on the hunting aspect of a guided or semi-guided hunt, rather than running around looking for a piece of gear that I neglected to bring. Below is a “starter” checklist provided by Heartland Pride Outfitters; feel free to use it as a starting point to create your own hunting checklist.Gear for Going Guided

Heartland Pride Outfitters Gear Checklist

Personal Gear:

  • required hunting permits/stamps/licenses
  • hunter education card (if required)
  • driver’s license or state issued ID card
  • belt
  • camera & camcorder
  • reading material
  • socks
  • bathroom essentials
  • cell phone & charger
  • wallet/checkbook
  • eye glasses/sun glasses
  • extra batteries
  • airline tickets/itinerary
  • lodge clothing
  • lodge shoes
  • medications
  • wallet
  • credit card
  • cash or checkbook
  • watch
  • hat
  • pillow
  • sleeping bag

All Hunts Gear:

  • boots (hiking/rubber)
  • camo pants
  • camo shirt
  • camo jacket
  • camo coat
  • camo rain gear
  • camo/layering
  • camo overalls
  • base layer/long johns
  • camo gloves
  • camo headnet/facemask/facepaint
  • back pack/fanny pack
  • extra socks
  • hot hands/heat packs
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • game calls/rattling antlers
  • binoculars
  • rangefinder
  • shooting sticks
  • bug spray (unscented)
  • sunscreen (unscented)
  • attractants/cover scent
  • knife/sharpener
  • cooler(s) for meat transportation
  • game bags
  • gps/maps
  • hat
  • beanie
  • windicator


  • bow
  • safety vest/harness
  • broadheads
  • arrows
  • release
  • extra release
  • extra string
  • string wax
  • field tips
  • target
  • decoy(s)
  • bow case


  • rifle
  • safety vest/harness
  • orange vest and hat (check regulations)
  • cleaning kit
  • 20-50 rounds of ammo
  • gun case


  • muzzleloader
  • safety vest/harness
  • orange vest and hat (check regulations)
  • cleaning kit
  • sabots
  • patches
  • primers
  • powder or pellets
  • ram rod
  • gun case

About Heartland Pride Outfitters

Heartland Pride Outfitters has a long history in South-Central Nebraska and our family has been hunting this state for the last 80 years for deer and turkey. Since the founding of HPO we’ve expanded into multiple Nebraska ranches and camps across the state as well as into Northern Kansas to be able to provide you a multitude of big game combination hunts as well as combination turkey hunts. We now welcome and offer to you guided and semi guided Nebraska and Kansas hunting experiences with native residents of the areas. Please take the time to visit our site and hopefully we can see you in a HPO camp this upcoming spring or fall season!

Heartland Pride Outfitters

Heartland Pride Outfitters

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