Get Your New Mexico Coues App In

by Steve Dixon

It’s that time of year, when our attention turns toward the New Mexico State Big Game Applications. The deadline is 5 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) March 18, 2015.

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Apply for New Mexico Coues and Other Big Game Species

New Mexico CouesTo apply online you must first obtain a Customer Identification Number (CIN) by setting up a free personal account online by going to the New Mexico Game and Fish Website at or by phone at 1-888-248-6866. This is also necessary if you need to register for a Hunter Education Class.

Once you are at the page go to “Hunting”, scroll down to “Licenses and Permits” then slide over to “Buy a License Online”. It is highlighted in red. From there you jump to the “Online Licensing System” and click on “Create a New Account”. Next comes terms and conditions, READ IT and if you agree with the terms and conditions click on “I Agree”. If you already have an account with an error, this page has a link to correct it.

New Mexico Coues WhitetailPersonal Information is next. Make sure you choose a safe Security Question and write down your user name and password. E-mail is not necessary, but it gives you instant notification when draw results are posted. Finish up all required areas of contact & additional information and check your final review. Once you have it set up you can enter the License System.

Hunter Education Courses

If you need hunter education, it is listed in the menu on the left. Scroll down till you see the blue box with the calendar emblem “Register for Hunter Ed Classes (firearm).” Read your terms of agreement and if you agree, click the box in the highlighted area. The next page gives county options or just search all and click on “Find Courses”. Please do not sign up for more than one course. It’s not fair to hold more than one spot.

Let me explain the different courses.

Hunter Education
Hunter Education is a two-day class with lectures, videos, hands on proficiency training, blood-trailing training, safety trail testing, and written exam. Students must either complete the online course and print a certificate of completion or complete the homework in the back of the hard-copy manual before attending class. There is no age limit, but students under 11 must be accompanied by adult.

Hunter Education Live Fire
Hunter EducationHunter Education Live Fire is same as above, along with a live fire event. This is a one-day, proficiency training, with break out stations, blood-trailing training, safety trail testing, and written exam. For this course, the minimum age is 11.

Instructor Notes
I recommend the online course over the manual because it gives instant feedback. If online scores are in the 80’s, I would highly recommend the two-day course. First time students scoring 100% on the written exam will be entered in a special drawing.

Western Whitetail

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