Great Deer Sound, No Hassle with NEW Battle Bones from Flextone

Battle Bones from FlextoneFlextone Game Calls, the industry leader in natural sounding game calls, introduces the new Battle Bones rattling antlers to their 2015 hunting lineup.

The new Battle Bones make ultra-realistic buck fighting sounds with none of the drawbacks of real whitetail antlers. You wouldn’t head to the woods without your gun or bow, but far too many deer hunters go out without the most effective deer call because of the weight, difficulties and danger associated with real antlers.

Battle Bones are light, and thanks to Flextone’s exclusive Antler-Mass Technology, they sound just like two bucks slugging it out. Antlerized texture adds even more authentic deer sound.

Not only is Battle Bones’ sound second to none, they feature several design elements that add realism for deer and convenience for hunters. Real whitetails thrash their heads from side to side with their antlers locked together as they fight for dominance. The Flextone engineers thought rattling antlers should work the same way and created Battle Bones with sound-producing tines on each end and hex-shaped handles in the middle for better grip and control. The result is two full racks for maximum rattling contact points and more realism.

The ergonomic shape helps eliminate the dreaded and painful finger pinch associated with real antlers, and the recessed handle provides even more finger protection and better control.

In addition, Battle Bones pack tight and are much safer to carry than real whitetail antlers.

Add Battle Bones to your arsenal for lifelike sound and none of the hassle when you head afield this fall.

Headhunter’s Battle Bones Features:

  • Two full racks for maximum rattling contact points.
  • Hex shaped handles for better gripping and control.
  • Recessed handle to reduce finger pinch.
  • Antler-Mass Technology for louder realistic tones.
  • Antlerized texture for added realism.

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